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Public Utilities

Overview of Public Utilities

CS SIP Public Utilities Development Group Co., Ltd. (CS Public Utilities), a holding subsidiary of CSSD, is a comprehensive operator of urban public utility infrastructure, whose business is focused on the overall investment in and operation of regional public utilities and whose priorities are founded on the exploration of environmental and energy innovation businesses.

In terms of public utilities, CS Public Utilities has constructed high-quality infrastructure for public utilities and pipeline networks for SIP, including water, gas, heat and electricity utility infrastructure, thereby providing clean tap water for some 230,000 households and 4,500 enterprises or institutions, supplying clean natural gas for some 200,000 households and 1,500 enterprises or institutions, transmitting 5 billion kwh of clean electricity for the East China Power Grid, and providing eco-friendly heat energy for over one hundred industrial enterprises.

In terms of environmental energy industry, CS Public Utilities has built the first group of urban construction demo projects in Jiangsu, such as the SIP sludge drying and disposal engineering project with a processing capacity of 300 tons/day and with the ability to dispose of 150,000 tons of wet sludge/year. In addition, CS Public Utilities has cooling supply projects in those areas with non-electricity air-conditioning units, which has been completed and put in operation to feature the largest installed capacity nationwide, such as Moon Bay Concentrated Cooling Supply Center with a total installed capacity of 30,000 US tons of refrigeration, which can satisfy the demand for cooling in an area of 1.2 million m2 of floor space. Also, this company is aggressively involved in the area of industrial wastewater disposal.

In the future, CS Public Utilities will continue to depend on its core competitiveness to enhance its overall operation of public utilities, and to improve its innovations in the extended environmental protection and energy conservation businesses, so that CS Public Utilities will be driven by such core businesses as public utilities and environment and energy to fulfill its commitment to become a first-rate domestic comprehensive operator of this new type of urban public facilities.