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Urban Development

Overview of Urban Development

"I wish that both parties, those in China and in Singapore, will apply their experience arising from their successful cooperation to this Industrial Park to carry their efforts forward into new realms, thereby continuously enhancing the results of their cooperation, and I hope they will continue making efforts to strengthen the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Singapore and take it to an even higher level."
--Hu Jintao

"Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is just a start. This type of cooperation is not only beneficial to Suzhou, but in future, it will also be actively reproduced and promoted in other locations all across in China."
--Lee Kuan Yew

"A successful paradigm of mutual benefit and cooperation, Suzhou Industrial Park also exemplifies the features that are being learned by the Chinese side. I expect that symbolic projects of cooperation will be continuously implemented and perfected by both sides, in order to retain the innovative and demonstrative effects of China and Singapore Cooperation."
--Xi Jinping

Currently, CSSD is proactively engaging in the practical implementation of a new type urbanization and construction in China, where we constantly keep exporting our successful experiences in SIP. So far, we have developed a commercial and residential area of nearly 2 km2 in Suqian, the Su-Tong Science & Technology Park covering an area of 50 km2 in Nantong; in addition, we have developed the Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park of 36 km2 in Chuzhou, Anhui as well as a new type project occupying an area of 1.6 km2 in Haiyu, Changshu. As a result, we have now acquired a land reserve area of 90 km2.

CSSD Main Businesses

Ø Core Business -- A New Type Urbanization and Construction

Comprehensive development of large-scale cities featuring the amalgamation of production and cities, as well as the development of small towns and central towns mainly for commercial and residential purposes.

Ø Pattern of Development -- "One Complex with Two Wings" for Coordinated Development

New type of urbanization and construction consisting of Investment Promotion, planning, and software transfer, along with educational services will be our main segment of business with real estate development and public utilities serving as the two-wing support groups.

Ø Development Goal -- A leading company in a new type of urbanization and construction

Strategic Strengths of CSSD Core Businesses

Ø Meets the expectations of national leaders in both nations

Ø Matches our new type of urbanization and development strategies

Ø Superior using this brand of China-Singapore Cooperation

Ø Successful experiences accruing from Suzhou Industrial Park

Business Strengths of CSSD Core Businesses

Ø A globally efficient Investment Promotion system

Ø Planning philosophy of production and city amalgamation

Ø Rigorous and scientific high quality construction

Ø Well-designed and innovative software transfer

Ø Cooperative efforts with mutual benefits creating a win-win situation

Ø Platform integration of various businesses