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Suqian Project

  • Overview
  • Progress

The Suqian Project is located in the area to the east of Tonghu Avenue in Suqian, and covers a total area of 1.82 km2 as planned. This project was divided into two phases of development and construction, where the first phase covers an area of 1.05 km2 for building a commercial and residential area designed to work well with the nature of that plot. On this piece of land, 1.82 km2, a Suzhou Park covering an area of 100,000 m2 and two adjacent central parks will be built. Around the central areas, a landscape belt extending over a distance of 2.5 kilometers will be constructed to combine aquatic habitat, landscaping and roads together, so that each area will have a border on a high-standard leisure and recreational walking area for exercise. On those plots at the edge of the river in the northern and eastern parts of this area, waterfront landscape belts of the Suzhou style and modern styles will be built separately along the banks of the river. The entire area will be naturally landscaped and forested containing beautiful scenes everywhere, which is to be built according to high standards.

In the start of 2011, the Suqian project was launched; currently construction of various infrastructures has been accelerating, including:
I. Urban Road Engineering
Basic engineering for storm and sanitary pipelines and lime soil roads has been essentially completed, while the bridge engineering was essentially accomplished in late May, 2013. Construction on the surface of roads has already been started.
II. Landscape and Afforestation Engineering
At the present time, we have finished 50% of the Fu Min River landscape, 20% of the loop landscape belt, 20% of the Yangcheng Lake Road Landscape and 5% of the Central Park.