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Located in the eastern part of Anhui Province, the city of Chuzhou serves as a bridgehead for the development of Anhui eastwards, a core city on the western edge of the greater Nanjing metropolitan area, and a city along the Beijing to Shanghai Express Rail Link. It owns a three-dimensional transportation network with water, land and air links that can reach all over the world, has high quality human resources, great cultural relics and harmonious social environment.

Covering a planned area of 36 km2, Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park is located in the southeastern part of the urban area of Chuzhou.

Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park is the first project of the joint construction and cooperation initiative to be created after SIP started to seek development funding outside Jiangsu Province; it is also the most recent achievement of Anhui's efforts to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation with other Delta areas, which involves industrial transfers from both home and abroad, and enhances the construction of the Anhui-Jiangsu Demonstrative Region.

This park seeks to imitate the successful efforts of SIP and learn from the experience of SIP, allowing the park to introduce advanced planning and construction concepts; the park can then implement the management systems or mechanisms in line with international practices for high-level planning, high-standard construction, high-intensity input and highly profitable output. As such, the park will be created to be a new industrial city with the amalgamation of production and city, with complex functions and suitable living and business accommodations. The park will evolve into an area involving international transfer of industries, as well as a industrial upgrading demo area in Anhui; this rural/urban interface model area combines industries, business and trade, finance and residence together, into an upgraded version of SIP, which is a model of cooperation and development in DELTA areas and an exploration in Anhui of a new-type of urbanization.

This park plans to hire several world-renowned planning and design companies to carefully plan and systematically formulate the initial conceptual plan, the overall plan, controlling plan and various dedicated plans of this park, where the park will employ the space available into one core area with one beltway and other multiple sections, namely, a central business district, the Qingliu River landscape belt, three leading industrial sections and nine residential sections.

In accordance with the construction standards known as "Nine Connections and Leveling the Land," construction has begun on the first phase of infrastructure and support facilities for this park. During the first phase of construction, a network of 26 roads stretching over 45 km, as well as a resettlement housing area covering 340,000 m2 were put into fully operation. At the same time the utilities have all been under construction, including electricity, water, heat, and gas services, along with a wastewater disposal plant, standardized factory building and blue or white-collar apartments.

This park will focus on five leading industries including appliance and electronics industries, equipment and manufacturing industries, food and drink industries, medicine and daily chemicals industries, as well as new energy and new material industries. Priority will be placed on the attraction of foreign investment, high end and brand-name projects and companies, while its main targets will be oriented toward technically advanced and eco-friendly projects requiring a limited amount of resources. SIP has made a good start on attracting the desired types of investors for this kind of work in this park, where contracts related to the introduction of nearly 20 projects have been finalized and new capital is under contract in excess of 10 billion yuan. Also, a group of contracts for key projects is being negotiated.

April 28, 2012 saw the formal launch of Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park which covers an area of approximately 36 km2. Zhang Baoshun, the Anhui Provincial Party Secretary, Li Bin, the presiding Governor of Anhui Province and Ong Siew Gay, the Singapore Consul General in Shanghai were present at the Cornerstone Ceremony.

On September 14, 2012, Singapore's Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong visited Anhui and specifically came to this park to listen to a briefing about this project; he expressed his strong approval of the Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park project, and indicated his expectation that this project will become an upgraded version of Suzhou Industrial Park. Also, His Excellency Mr. Loh Ka Leung, Ambassador Extraordinary of Singapore expressed the desire to further promote and recommend the Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park.

On October 18, 2012, Li Bin, the presiding Governor, inspected Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park.

On April 8, 2013, Zhang Baoshun, the Anhui Provincial Party Secretary, inspected the Suzhou-Chuzhou Modern Industrial Park.